Jak? Gdzie? Dlaczego? – asking questions in Polish (A1)

Learning the language you probably got used to answering questions, but what about asking? In Polish it’s very easy! Questions are formed by adding the special question words at the beginning of an affirmative sentence. What question words do we use? Below you may find few the most important.




Gdzie jest moja książka?Where is my book?
Dokąd idziesz?Where are you going to?; most people however would say Gdzie idziesz?
Skąd wiesz?How do you know it? (lit. Where do you know it from?)
Przepraszam, którędy na Rynek Główny?Excuse me, which way to the Main Square?



Kiedy jedziesz na wakacje?When are you going for a holiday?
O której godzinie zaczyna się film?At what time does the film start?
Jak długo mieszkasz w Polsce?How long have you been living in Poland?
Od kiedy uczysz się polskiego?Since when are you learning Polish?
Do kiedy zostajesz w Krakowie?Until when are you staying in Kraków?




Jaki film lubisz?What film do you like?
Jaka jest twoja siostra?What is your sister like?
Jakie auto masz?What car do you have?
Który sok wolisz, pomarańczowy czy jabłkowy?Which juice do you prefer orange or apple?
Która książka jest twoja?Which book is yours?
Które wino wolisz, białe czy czerwone?Which wine do you prefer white or red?

Asking about things and people by using the words KTO and CO is a bit more complex as both pronouns change their forms depends on the case. You may read about it here.




Ile kosztuje ten sweter?How much does the sweater cost?
Dlaczego nie jesteś w pracy?Why aren’t you at work?
Po co to kupiłeś?Why did you buy it? What did you buy it for?
Jak dojść na dworzec kolejowy?How to get to the train station?
Z jakiego powodu nie możesz pojechać na konferencję?For what reason can’t you go to the conference?



If the exercise doesn’t work, you may find it here



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