Polish for Business – Introductory Programme

Polish for Business – Introductory Programme

Price: £450 (£30/hr)



Programme description:
15 hours programme suitable for everyone with no or very little knowledge of Polish who would like to get the basics of the language. Make a great first impression and get by in the most common conversations!

The main focus will be on cultural aspects of the language and the language etiquette. It will help you understand your interlocutor’s intentions better even if the converstation is held in English.
After completing the course you will also be able to:
greet your colleagues and clients and introduce yourself profesionally;
have a straightforward conversations on everyday life and plans;
understand and ask questions;
order and pay for food and drinks, understand customs aroud food, do shoppings.

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We understand how busy you are and value your time therefore we are flexible in terms of the time and place where your lessons can take place.  You can arrange them on a week-by-week basis with as little as two days notice.  We are happy to meet you at your office or any other place chosen by you located in central London.


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