Polish Grammar Booster – Master the Cases

the full course: £35
single lesson: £5

Do you think the Polish cases are simply impossible to learn? Good new! They are not! 🙂

I’ve been interested in grammar since I can remember. I love discovering how the same concepts are expressed in different languages, how sentences are structured and why. It helps me understand the Polish grammar better and make it more approachable. Now, I’d like to share my knowledge with you, and help you speed up your learning process!

Who is it for?

The course is for everyone who:
– would like to understand the Polish case system better;
– has watched many videos and read hundreds articles but still struggles with the rules;
– struggles to find a good way to learn the cases;
– is a grammar enthusiast, like me! 🙂

What will I learn?

During each lesson we will discuss one case. We will start from covering the theory – when the case is used, what endings it takes, what can you do to remember those endings better. The main part of the lesson will be however the practice – there will be a lot of exercises and games aimed to help you feel more comfortable using the cases and remember the forms. Practice (and repetition) makes perfect!

The course will be held via Zoom, so you can sit comfortably on you sofa and join the class with just a click. You can either take part in the whole course or just join single lessons and learn about topics which are important for you. You can join the course at any time – just click ‘sign up’, choose the lesson(s) and join us!

Join the whole course and get the e-book ‘Przez Przypadek. Short stories to practise Polish cases’ for free!