Business Polish Lessons

Although English has become an official language of the business world and you probably won’t have any problem to communicate with your Polish colleagues, knowing Polish can earn you a lot!
It can help you:
make great first impression on your colleagues, partners or clients,
build trust and rapport with your potential and existing clients,
establish stronger relationships,
expand cultural awareness to improve a smoother running of business operations.

Depends on your goals we offer 3 training programmes:

a) Introductory Programme – 15 hours introductory programme perfect of everyone who wants to just get familiar with the language and get by with daily small talks. Lean more…

b) Basic Programme – 30 hours programme for everyone who wants to be understood in basic daily and business conversations. Learn more…

c) Advanced Programme – 30 hours programme for intermediate students who want to become fluent in the language and hold both private and business conversations with confidence and clarity. Learn more..