Usage of the word ‘proszę’ (A0)

The word ‘proszę’, commonly known as an equivalent of the English verb ‘please’, has a larger semantic field. Below you may see the most common usage of it. Note, that sometimes the meaning of ‘proszę’ can change not only depends on the context but also the tone of our voice.



Podaj mi, proszę, sałatkę.
Pass me the salad, please.

– Mamo, czy mogę wyjść wieczorem.
– Nie ma mowy!
– Ale dlaczego?! Proszę
– Mom, can I go out in the evening?
– No way!
– But why?! Please…



– Dziękuję za pomoc.

– Thank you for your help.
– You’re welcome!


– Czy mogę pożyczyć Twój długopis?
– Jasne, proszę.

– May I borrow your pen?
– Sure, go ahead.

Proszę, panie przodem.
Go ahead, ladies first.



– Czy będzie Ci przeszkadzać, jeśli otworzę okno?
– Nie, proszę!

– Would you mind if I open the window? (lit. Would it bother you if I open the window?)
– Not at all



Proszę? Nie słyszę, co mówisz
Pardon? I can’t hear what you’re saying.



Proszę, proszę, kogo ja widzę!
Well well, look how it is! (lit. who I see)

Czy mogę prosić szklankę wody?
May I ask for a glass of water?

Anna prosiła o telefon.
Anna asked for a call.

Do you speak German? Compare the verb ‘proszę’ with the German ‘bitte’. Does your native language have a word with meanings similar to ‘proszę’?


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  1. Avatar Stefan

    Hi, the verb is “prosić” when you put in a title a conjugated version “proszę” it is very confusing for Polish language learners.
    all the best!

    1. Avatar patrycja

      Dzień dobry Stefan! Thank you for the comment. The meanings presented in the post refer (and exist only!) to the conjugated form ‘proszę’. The verb ‘prosić’ (and all its forms) has only one meaning ‘to ask for something’. Pozdrawiam!

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