Practise Polish with a song – verb conjugation (A1)

Learning grammar doesn’t have to be boring! Are you, like me, a fan of The Lion King (Król Lew)? 🙂 Listen to the Polish version of one of the songs from the film and practise Polish verb conjugation. Below the exercise you will find a list of the verbs from the song and their conjugation types. Good luck!


If the exercise is not working you may find it here.

Verbs from the song:
przychodzić (-ę, -isz) – to come
posyłać (-m, -sz) – to send
spełniać się (-m, -sz) – to be fulfilled, to come true
czuć (czuj-ę, czuj-esz) – to feel
przybywać (-m, -sz) – to come (used mostly in literature and poetry)
wiedzieć (wie-m, wie-sz) – to know
wirować (wiruj-ę, wiruj-esz) – to spin
mieć (ma-m, ma-sz) – to have
odnajdować (odnajduj-ę, odnajduj-esz)/forma perfective odnaleźć – to find, to rediscover
trwać (-m, -sz) – to last


Interesting fact!
In the lyrics you can find the word swe which is a version of the posessive pronoun swoje. Feminine and neuter pronouns: moja/moje, twoja/twoje and swoja/swoje have shorter versions ma/me, twa/twe, swa/swe which are used in very formal texts or poetry.


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