Practise Polish with a song – colloquial phrases (B1)

Listen to the song and complete the lyrics. Can you spot any colloquial phrases you know here? If not, check the little ‘dictionary’ below 🙂
If the exercises doesn’t work, you may find it here

panna – dziewczyna – girlfriend, chick (be careful using this one, most women don’t like it 😉 )
kumpel (kumple) – kolega (koledzy) – friend(s), mate(s)
nie bój nic – nie martw się – don’t worry
przejdzie ci – to minie – it will pass
kaska – pieniądze – money
odpuść sobie – nie przejmuj się, daj sobie spokój – let it go, leave it
wystawić – zawieść, oszukać – to disappoint, to stand someone up


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I have started my career as a tutor at Jagiellonian University and now I have been conducting Polish lessons working both with private and business clients from all over the world. I'm a big fan of grammar - Polish grammar especially ;)

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  1. Avatar Jeff Tomaszewski

    I liked this exercise, thanks for sharing!

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