Do czy na? – Let’s practise Polish prepositions (B1)

How well do you know Polish prepositions? Complete the exercise and find out!
If you still struggle with it, you may read about Polish prepositions and their usage here.


UWAGA! Preposition ‘po’ can mean ‘after’ or ‘on’ but is also used as ‘to get, collect or pick something/ someone’

po + miejscownik (locative) = after
Po obiedzie pójdziemy na spacer. – After the dinner we will go for a walk.

Kot chodzi po stole. – The cat is walking on the table.

po+ biernik = to get, collect or pick up sometning/someone’
Jadę na dworzec po moją siostrę. – I’m going to the station to pick up my sister.

Powodzenia! 🙂

If the exercise doesn’t work, you may find it here.





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