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Polish motion verbs: iść, chodzić, jechać i jeździć confuse many students. Do you know how to use them correctly?

The verb iść means ‘to go’ in general (e.g. Idę do kina – I’m going to cinema) or ‘to go on foot’ (e.g. Idę na spacer – I’m going for a walk) and expresses one time action. The same meaning has the verb chodzić but expresses rutine e.g. Chodzę do kina co tydzień – I go to cinema every week; Chodzę na spacer codziennie – I go for a walk every day.
The verb jechać means ‘to go by vehicle’ and expresses one time action e.g. Jedziemy do Polski – We’re going (traveling) to Poland whereas jeździć expresses rutine e.g. Jeździmy do Polski co rok – We go (travel) to Poland every year.


Conjugation of the verbs: iść, chodzić, jechać and jeździć


Let’s practice

If the exercise doesn’t work you may find it here




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