Polish Cases – charts to download


The charts present the endings used in Polish cases, both in singular and plural forms. They don’t include mianownik (nominative) singular and mianownik masculine-person plural.

  • You can use the charts during your Polish lessons or when practising the grammar – you will avoid going through your notes every time to find the correct endings.
  • Seeing all the endings together will help you understand and remember the cases better.
  • Use the free space for your own notes – write down the usage, exceptions, phrases you struggle with or those that help you remember the endings better.



To learn about the usage of the cases, please read our previous post. Download the ebook with short stories to practise Polish cases.

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I have started my career as a tutor at Jagiellonian University and now I have been conducting Polish lessons working both with private and business clients from all over the world. I'm a big fan of grammar - Polish grammar especially ;)

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