Short stories to practise Polish cases – ebook

I’m very excited to introduce my first e-book “Przez przypadek. Short stories to practise Polish cases”.

Who is it for?

The e-book is designed for every Polish learner who would like to master the Polish case system. It can be also a help for teachers who are looking for new, interesting grammar exercises.

What will I find there?

The e-book contains 25 stories to practise the Polish case system. Each exercise focuses on two or three specific cases to let you slowly become familiar with cases’ forms as well as their usage. The last four stories include mix of cases for you to test your knowledge. The stories cover popular topics and can also be a great help to revise and learn new vocabulary.

Download the ebook here

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I have started my career as a tutor at Jagiellonian University and now I have been conducting Polish lessons working both with private and business clients from all over the world. I'm a big fan of grammar - Polish grammar especially ;)

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